Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gentle reminder...

Wow, so today has been one of those really frustrating and stressful days where you feel like you could just lock yourself in the closet and not come out until everyone else is in bed. We let the kids stay up a little later last night hoping they would sleep in today and that plan completely back-fired, Go Figure! It's amazing how they look so sweet and innocent while they are asleep but sometimes you wanna pull your hair out when they are awake! Yea, it was one of those days!
Ok, just looking for those pics alone makes everything better! I love my kiddos so much no matter how much hair they cause me to lose! We have a lot going on in every aspect of our lives right now so it's definitely not just them but I came across this quote by Joyce Meyer today and I really needed it:
We may feel angry, frustrated, discouraged, or depressed, but we do not have to let any of those feelings control us. We can manage our emotions with God's help...
That was my gentle reminder for the day! I love how God will show us that he really is listening and that he really does care in the time that we feel he is the most absent. Sometimes all he wants us to do is lay down our agenda's and just praise him for another day, for being a God that makes everything worthwhile! Always remember, without him, we are nothing!! So when you feel as though everything else around you is falling apart take comfort in knowing that he is right by your side and just wants you to spend a little time with him and before you know it, you will feel sane again :) Workout for today: 2 miles of speed work on the dreadmill (which I am still TOTALLY stoked over!!!)

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