Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going at it...

Ok! So, I have to jump back on the running/workout wagon again because it's the only source of sanity in my life. Ok, that's not really true, but it does help a lot!!! My wonderfull hubby bought me a new to me treadmill last night and I am totally stoked! I had a treadmill in between my babies and that was my main source of losing the 65 lbs I gained with my first and it happened pretty quick!

Last year at this time I started training for the Ausin Half Marathon...3 weeks before the race I got injured after my 10 mile training run (which was the furthest distance I've ever run at once) and I was out for the next 8 months. I started to feel good to run however I was unable to do so consistently because we were packing up to move to Florida!!!

So anyway, here we are and I now have a treadmill again and NO excuse not to use it and not to lose the rest of the "baby" weight from almost 3 years ago! Shhh...I feel I can still blame it on her ;) So, this blog is going to be used for my running journey as well as some BIG changes that could be happening for my family soon!!! Stay tuned :)

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