Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blaring Music and Coffee Challenge

Oy vey! Today's workout only called for a 2 mile run, no biggie! It's been nice out and hubby has off today so I wanted to run it outside and get some fresh air! Well it was harder than I thought...I was totally dehydrated, my legs/feet felt like bricks, and it was pretty warm...I've been running on the dreadmill mainly and that alone is a huge transition!

I admire those who can run without music but I am just not that person! I have to have it blaring to keep my mind busy and motivated...

The dehydration: I have a hard time sometimes getting the proper amount of water down and it reflects during my runs so this is something I really need to work on...I need more of this:
And less of this:

So...I got this idea off of another blogger and as reluctant as I am to try this because of my addiction..I am going to forgo coffee in the mornings during the week and drink tea (Yummy Peppermint Holiday Tea). I  am going to save coffee for weekend treats (My weekend will be Tuesday and Sunday when hubby is off too since we love to drink coffee together)! This alone is going to be so tough but, I hoping the ditching the creamer during the week will help kick the weight loss! Wish me and my hubby luck lol..

All in all, it was a rough, short run that I started off too fast but I feel good I did it and the next one will be better!

Now I'm off to make Chuck Norris proud and hop on the Total Gym!

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