Friday, December 2, 2011

It's OK!

Looking at my blog title, I got to thinking why I even chose it? To be honest, it was my Myspace (remember that fad?) title for the longest time.
Let's be honest, as women we generally have all these titles that we force ourselves to try to live up to. We *need* to be the perfect wife, girlfriend, mom, athlete, co-worker, boss etc.
Whatever it is, we have this inept idea that we HAVE to live up to these qualifications or we have just blown it. But honestly, do any of these things truly make who we are inside better, or is this what we use as a measuring system to perhaps make us feel better?
On a good day, I may have shaved my legs, washed AND dried my hair, put make-up on and put other clothes on other than my workout stuff and you know what that's OK! Today, I was only able to get a 2 mile run in and it's OK. Running only 2 miles today doesn't make me any LESS of a runner than if I would have put up 10. The same standard should go for every other aspect of our lives.

So what, we didn't get dinner on the table because secretly we may have simply not FELT like it and wanted to go out and have someone else clean up after our messy kids and husbands selves.

I am coming to terms that I am who I am. I, in my own way just as you are in yours, am perfectly imperfect. I will never be perfect and honestly I don't want to be. It's way more fun to not be! 
I have experienced stress at a whole new level in my 20's so far and I am learning a whole lot but the biggest is, I cannot be everything to everyone. I can only be the person that God has created me to be for myself, my kids, and my husband. That's it folks!
Life is too short to worry about pleasing every soul that comes in your life. So with all that said and from the words of the great Kenny Chesney and my next tattoo idea,
No more, no less and don't be sorry for it either! You are a unique piece of this puzzle God has crafted together. I apply this to every aspect of my life. I can't run as fast as some of the ladies I follow on here and that's OK! I am still a runner, I still love it with my whole life!
So, even though New Year's resolutions are so cliche' I don't care, mine is going to be to strive to be as I am, the me that GOD created. Not the stressed out mom, student, and family member I have become. I also want to make running an even larger part of my life....It's too freeing to not!

So, what about you??
Do you set New Years Resolutions?
I usually do but they never seem to really stick, hopefully this year it will be different.

What does the biggest stressor in your life usually end up being?
Usually the biggest for me is being a people-pleaser! I have to STOP

What does a "good" day look like for you?

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  1. Awesome post! Your blog has inspired me to tweak mine!!! :D