Saturday, November 26, 2011


This seems like a random post because it's a little of everything mixed into one...

Tonight I made Parmesan crusted Tilapia over a bed of brown rice with sauteed zucchini squash and onions! It was really good and usually tilapia is too fishy for my liking! All the seasonings blended together nicely and it was very filling! I definitely couldn't finish what was on my plate!

Thanksgiving was very nice and low key this year because we are still in a transitioning phase since moving here from TX in August!

We went to my sisters house in GA and were surrounded by the best kids in the world! My sister and brother in law are blessed to be house parents for 13 kids plus their own 2! It's so fun to go there and play with all those kids!!

We came home to a nice package from their PA-PA in TX! He crocheted both
Of them hats and scarves! I'm not sure when they'll get to use them here in FL, but it was very kind and I am partial to sentimental gifts!

The only workout I got in was a 2 mile run before we left for my sisters house but it's better than nothing!

I've been enjoying reading everyone else's Thanksgiving blogs and I hope everyone has a nice, relaxed, weekend!

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