Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Would you like some coffee with that cream?

I am kinda, sorta picky with my coffee! When I first started drinking it I would get only specialty latte's or extra cream and extra sugar in my coffee...If you gave that to me now, I'd probably throw up a little! Now, I just like a little cream in there and no sugar...The other day at Starbucks I told Troy to order me a tall mocha mint latte, with skim milk, and half the peppermint and not as much mocha.He looked at me like I was crazy and made me order, ha! And still, it was too sweet...

At home, I like the flavored creams but I only mix 1tbs flavored and 1 tbs half/half to keep it not so sweet and calorie packed...today I was in a hurry and just dumped it in there and it's not that great... I hate when that happens...There really is no point to this post other than me complaining :)

Interesting fact: Just 2 tsp of sugar and creamer drank in coffee every day for a whole year = 10 lbs =\

My ultimate goal: drink my coffee black all the time

Ok- now I'm off to get a run in!


  1. I am your newest follower. :) Thanks for the comment. I don't like coffee, plus I'm LDS so we don't drink it. I have been drinking a yummy Trader Joe's Green Tea Lemonade that gives me a nice boost (which is probably not allowed either). Oops! :)Jessica


  2. Hey Jessica! I love your blog :) It's one of the ones I check out daily, I just have to be better about commenting..That tea sounds really good, I may have to try and find some..Sometimes Coffee just tastes so blah to me but I'm addicted ;) Thanks for stopping by

  3. That fact about coffee is enough to make me rethink my caffeine addiction. I don't think I could ever drink it black, but def should cut back. Thanks for the motivation!

  4. I thought the same thing. I heard it on Biggest Loser last week and I'm sure it applies even more to those who do not lead an active lifestyle. I cannot get rid of coffee..It really is my addiction..Especially Dunkin Donuts!

  5. I second the Dunkin Donuts comment. I am convinced they put crack in it. Why else would I keep leaving home, where I have a fully functional coffee pot, without making coffee and stop 2 blocks down the road at the DD?

  6. I agree with Colleen! I use Truvia in my coffee. :)