Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Taking the plunge.....

Ok! I briefly talked in another post about being injured last year which kept me from running my first half marathon in Austin. If I really didn't talk about that in another post, re-read the first sentence because yes, it did happen. I am chalking it up to being my own fault because here's what happened:

I was following my training plan just fine and slowly upping my mileage like I was supposed to and did my long run of 8 miles. Well unfortunately my great-grandma passed away and we went to PA for the funeral which made me miss about two weeks of my training plan(I did continue to run some mileage just not according to my training plan). Then, I got the bright idea of just jumping back in and picking up where I left off which smacked me with a 10 miler for my long run. Well that extra two miles from my previous long run is obviously more than the .5% increase your suppose to take on especially when you take a couple weeks off, and I ended up with piriformis syndrome which is a literal pain in the A@#. I struggle with sciatic pain too so those two mixed together are really no fun at all. I was in physical therapy and they wanted to give me the whole epidural block, yadda, yadda, yadda, and I just got fed up with it and decided I'd be lazy instead. Not really, it just was one of those nagging injuries that took forever to heal and my personal trainer was helping me focus on strength too.

I was super bummed about missing that half because I was only three weeks away from being able to do it and I just couldn't. We still went that day to see the other girls I signed up with finish which was so exciting and motivating and I knew that I would get to feel that feeling one day.

So after a long year of all kinds of different events and situations, we moved to Florida! We LOVE it here..The weather, the beach, friends, family, just awesome! We are total coast people. I've always known that because I was born in Daytona and we visited pretty much every year after we moved away. My hubby realized it when he was stationed in Japan and in NC. Once we moved away from NC when he got out of the Marine Corps, we missed it every day!

While in Austin I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure and it was such an amazing event...I couldn't get over the amount of people that attended this race. I think it was over 20,000! And was so inspiring.

So after a little research I found a half marathon here in February that supports the same cause that I am pretty sure I am going to sign up for.

I guess I am a little nervous about registering just because I am afraid that I might get injured again when the mileage starts picking up past five and six miles, but I know that is just FEAR trying to defeat me. An advantage I do have is learning from my mistakes from the last time. I know I have to take my training seriously and I have to try to not get ahead of myself. Being that I am doing this first one to finish, I am not trying to set a time-goal (officially anyhow! I know I will have some number in my head I want to get to, but whatev). I also have to experiment with the whole nutrition, gels, gear etc. etc. One cool thing is I still picked up my race packet at the expo in Austin that weekend because I was really gonna try to still do it so at least I got something for my registration fee, and they included a free spi belt! I love my spi belt! This thing is awesome!

Picture credit: Spi Belt photo gallery

I am sure my blog is going to have a lot about my journey through this so please if you ever have a suggestion or anything that can help me along the way, (especially encouragement) I really appreciate it :) Hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!

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