Monday, November 14, 2011

A little help!? Please....

Ok, besides being able to type uber fast, I am a little computer illiterate. I need some help on how I can make this page a little bit more adventurous. A lot of the blogs I follow have pictures in the top header...How in the world do I do that?! I know how to change the template, and that's why it's brown and green (not totally in love with that yet either, just figure my laundry, floors, and kitchen need my time a little more than my blog background). So, any help and advice is greatly appreciated! Now I am going to convince myself to run and tend to the other 'responsibilities' that I suppose need taken care of! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

My kids are goofballs :)

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  1. I don't know much about blogspot, but in wordpress you can go to the settings and choose to upload a custom header instead of just using the type. I'm also computer-slow and usually just click around until I figure it out or completely ruin something. (I've learned about backing up the hard way) ((repeatedly))