Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Working the details..

I found the training plan that I want to use for the Half in Feburary! It's a 10 week plan so I will start training December 5th. Until then I am going to continue to build my base mileage and write up a cross-training schedule to go along with it!

I am pretty excited, but a little nervous also! I like to have a training plan because it keeps me accountable and pretty much makes me get off my butt and do something because as childish OCD as it sounds, I like to cross the days off. I am also a little nervous about getting injured again because I can tell how tender my hip/glute is still but I think if I take the stretching, rolling, and icing super serious this time, I'll be OK!

I have a new perspective on running now. When I first started over 10 years ago it was just for fitness and to keep me busy. I never thought about races or trying to beat times etc., and there is nothing wrong with being competitive at all, but I am learning to only compete against myself. Everyone runs for a different reason and we all have different abilities so if I am trying to live up to someone else's goals, I will fail every time. With that failure comes low self-esteem, the thought about giving up, or pushing harder before my body is ready.

I love the way running makes me feel whether it is 2 miles or 10. Training for a half-marathon is to prove to myself that I can set out after a goal and finish it.

What is your main reason for running???

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